Living in Abundance

What you want is irrelevant, what you've chosen is at hand. ~Spock (Star Trek)

Some souls can struggle with financial issues in our everyday lives. It almost seems as though we come to Earth with an understanding of how to manifest abundance in the Universe, but once on Earth, the energy of the third dimension of consciousness is lower than the spiritual realm and we forget how to create what we need.

There is a spiritual law that states: Our body is the home of our spirit, so it is sacred, a temple to house the Divine, and our house is the home of the sacred body, the temple of our soul, and so it is an extension of the spirit's sacred space. Everything we do in our home is reflected in our body. Everything within our body, heart and spirit is seen in the home and in our lives. Love, peace and forgiveness are the path connecting our body and spirit.

According to this spiritual law, we can change our lives by changing our home. If we want to see changes in our heart, love life and attitude, we can change our home. By changing our home, the temple of our spirit, we can change the way our spirit is able to live within us and our space.

Changing this energy will enable us to clean up and clear out old negative emotions, and set the intentions for abundance. This sacred space will be a place for our spirit to dwell, both in our heart and our home.

If we walk inside of our house as if we were seeing it for the first time, we can see that which is ugly-that which may make us feel sad, upset, tired or frustrated. We can also see that which is beautiful, that brings us joy and reminds us of love.

Take a few moments in each room of the house. Look around, open the closets and look in the basement and cabinets. Make a few notes and write down any observations, feelings or emotions that come up. Note positive and negative feelings while looking around, and note what feels good in the house and enlightens the heart and spirit when seeing it or experiencing it.

Old belongings, and old emotions or thoughts attached to certain belongings, can be like a weight that drags us down every time we see it. Only keep things around that are uplifting and joyful. If it is a family heirloom that has negative memories or pain attached to it, consider putting it away for a while until the painful memories have had time to heal: then bring it out again. If there are still negative emotions tied up with the object or objects, then give it away or give them away.

Cleaning out clutter allows us to open a door to the Universe and makes room for more things to come into our lives. By cleaning out clutter, we are making a path so to speak for new things, new opportunities and new energy to come into our lives.

We are all empowered with special gifts. One of these gifts is the Universal Law of Creation, which states: What we dwell upon we create. When we have pressing issues in our lives, we put our energy into getting rid of these issues that seem to come back over and over again. This scenario might be a person, a situation or a complex problem that just won't go away. If we stop fighting it, thinking about it and worrying about it, it will not manifest in a negative way. Again, what we dwell upon we create, so it's always good to dwell on positive things. This way, good things can manifest in our lives.

Everything around us is energy; everything in creation is made up of tiny molecules that vibrate at a high frequency. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. For example, when strumming a guitar string, the vibration of the string will sound throughout the guitar, and even begin to vibrate the other strings near it. Likewise, when striking a tuning fork and placing it next to another tuning fork, it will also begin to vibrate audibly.

This same law can be applied to our own life and energy. What we give energy and vibration to, in our thoughts, actions and words, carries itself outwards into our general aura, life and into the Universe. By giving attention, thought, sound and vibration to that which we put energy to, we create, both good and bad.

Every day of our lives, we are picking up vibrational frequencies from people and places around us, as well as sending out vibrational frequencies. Being peaceful is a great example of this, as peace begins from within. If we love and forgive ourselves, then love and forgiveness with others will follow.

If we feel peaceful within our own heart, then others around us will start to vibrate and match this peacefulness or vibrational frequency. We can affect so many people by keeping love and peace in our hearts at all times. This is how one person can and does change the world for the better. It all starts with what we think, what we feel, what we say and what we focus upon and give energy to. When we think or worry about something long enough, it will manifest in our lives in some way. If we shut bad situations or bad energy out of our mind, give the situation no energy when dealing with it, it will not manifest in our lives.

A good exercise is to try to manifest one small thing that is unusual in our day. We can write down what we want to manifest. Make it something possible, but unlikely to happen such as, Today I will see a bright green car on the freeway, or, Today I will find a quarter on the street, or, Today I will meet someone from Asia. Be realistic, as it just won't be possible to manifest a polar ice cap while living in Mexico

It is much easier to manifest if we meditate and calm our minds. If our mind is like an ocean with waves in it, when we throw a stone or thought in that ocean, we will never see the ripples of that stone. If we calm our mind like a quiet pond, then throw a stone or thought into the calm pond, we can see the waves ripple all through the pond. Our thoughts can be heard more clearly throughout the Universe if our mind is calm.

Always dream big, but consider the laws that govern our world when trying to manifest. For example, the law of free will, which means that we cannot manifest someone else doing what we want them to do. When manifesting miracles, keep in mind that we cannot bend the will of another to match our own desire for them. Our creations must be for the highest good of all concerned, including our self, and then it will be possible to manifest anything we want.

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