Angels Among Us

I can believe anything, provided that it is quite incredible. ~Oscar Wilde

Angelology is the study of angels. It comes from the Greek word Angelologia, which is a combination of two words together: Angelos meaning angel or messenger and logos meaning word or word of angels.

In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies, an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God. Throughout the Bible, it is generally seen that the will of God is usually imparted or carried out by angels.

Angels are spirits without bodies who possess superior intelligence, gigantic strength and surpassing holiness. Angels are composed of ethereal matter, thus allowing them to take on whichever physical form best suits their immediate needs to work with us on spiritual lessons in our lives.

Angels are the essence of love and joy and stem from the heart of God. They are countless in their number and flock around the Universe in their millions, helping all spiritual beings that ask for their love and guidance.

Angels are dedicated to serve the needs of all spiritual beings so that we may experience the same level of unconditional love as they do. Each angel carries out its assigned task without any hint of hesitation, as they take great joy and pleasure in offering their loving wisdom and guidance to all beings in all Universes.

Everyone has angels around them constantly, without exception, and they are eager and excited at the opportunity to communicate with us.

Most people have one or two angels assigned to them their whole lifetime or for many lifetimes, but others will come and go as our spiritual lessons are learned.

Angels were created with one purpose, the purpose to love and to serve without conditions. In doing so, angels hold a focus of pure love throughout the Universe and are able to set up a resonance for the vibration of pure love wherever and whenever it is needed.

Here on Earth, we have free will. This means that we have chosen to exist and gain our experiences through many lifetimes and many varied forms of existence. Our angels were created to counterbalance any energies or actions that move in the opposite direction to love, so that we will eventually remember our true spiritual purpose. Love is all around us every day of our lives, we only need to open our eyes to see it, feel it and experience it.

When we think of angels, we often think of a beautiful figure with white wings wearing a long flowing robe. We also see them with halos that emanate from the angels' head in a glorious wreath of light, serving as a symbol of divine wisdom.

Angels do not die or age; they are immortal, created by God and have been in existence since the beginning of time. They are thought of as the guardians of souls.

Angels can take on a variety of different forms. In Ezekiel 1:16-21, Isaiah 6:1-3 and throughout the book of Revelation, they are described as taking on not only the appearance of men but many fantastical forms. A notable example was the angel who took on the appearance of a burning bush.

The image of an angel with wings tends to symbolize the spiritual nature of all spiritual beings. The wings allow the angel to travel through time and space and serve as a symbol of divine authority.

Angels are everywhere and we can ask for angels to assist us with anything we wish that is for our higher purpose or higher good. There is no limit. There is an angel available for any particular task, and they come to us as an answer to our wishes and prayers.

We can order an angel on request. Anything we want. We can order a parking angel to help us park at the mall at Christmas time. We can order an angel to help us with a test at school, a troubled relationship; we can even order an accounting angel. The possibilities are endless and they want to come into our lives and help no matter how small or irrelevant the task may seem.

It's important to remember that angels cannot just come into our lives when we need help. We must specifically ask for their help. It's also important to be grateful and say thank you for their divine wisdom, love, help and support in our lives.

Angels can appear to us in many forms and shapes. At times, the qualities of an angel are so delicate that they come in specific forms that will suit our needs. An angel will often appear to us with the form that is best for us.

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