Muddy water, let stand becomes clear ~Lau Tzu

We are all ascending to higher dimensions of consciousness and higher vibrational frequencies. If we can say that ascending is evolving, then we can certainly say that ascension is a spiritual evolution that has been unfolding throughout history as our energy levels on this planet rise. We are consciously elevating the vibratory rate of our physical and other energetic bodies to the Christ level, whether we realize it or not. For our soul, coming to Earth is like traveling away from our home to a foreign land. Some things seem familiar, but most are strange until we get used to them, especially conditions that are unforgiving. Our home on the spiritual plane is a place of absolute peace, total acceptance and complete love where we can instantly manifest anything we want. As souls leave the spiritual realm, we no longer have these beautiful qualities around us.

Ascension is also about realizing our God and Goddess selves and creating Heaven on Earth. It is about embracing who we really are and dispelling the thought that we are separate from our Creator or the Divine. Ascension is also about bringing the higher and lower aspects of our being into complete harmony and alignment with our higher self or higher purpose in life. Everything in life that isn't in alignment with our higher purpose will just fall away with this process. There can be a difficult period of adjustment during the process of ascension and some of the adjustments can be hard to view as positive circumstances. This may mean ending relationships, moving, changing jobs and further changes that may seem unsettling. However, it is necessary for these old patterns to fall away to make room for the new higher energy we are evolving into.

Our souls are connected to our heart in each lifetime. What our soul has experienced in previous lifetimes can come into our current life. Often these are lessons that were not learned in previous lives and come back to our current life to try it again, but the lessons may be more difficult for some and easier for others.

The ultimate goal in spiritual ascension is to align with a higher source and keep vibrational frequencies at a higher level to help us live out our life's purpose and find the special gifts and talents that we have to offer.

During the process of ascension, we may feel physically exhausted. We might even feel the need to sleep very long hours. Our physical bodies are aligning with the higher vibratory rate of our spiritual bodies to help facilitate the more complete alignment of both our higher and lower selves.

The mental affects of ascension may not be long lasting, but they do cause change in our mental state. We can also experience sadness and depression, which are feelings that can be part of the alignment process. As we become more centered within the peace and stillness of our souls and divine essence in the alignment process, the world around us may appear more frantic and chaotic for a time.

During ascension feelings of emptiness and loneliness may be experienced, which is part of the complete surrender to the higher self. We will have released the hold of the lower-ego-self and will therefore have surrendered to the guidance of the higher-ego-self. These are two levels of the spirit where the lower-ego-self contains the potentials of ego and the higher-ego-self contains potentials of the soul.

Once the alignment is complete, deep feelings of peace and gratitude will be experienced. Some who have completed their alignments will shine like bright stars, and people around them will be able to feel and sense the light that radiates from within people. We will be a part of the changes that are occurring here on Earth and this will help to transform the planet and create heaven on Earth.

In order to ascend to a place of higher dimensional consciousness, we must become fully conscious. This means stopping old patterns and habits that prevent us from living in heightened awareness. This knowledge will bring us into the light of higher conscious awareness. There are many means for bringing limited aspects of self into the light of higher awareness, and angels are tirelessly working on this to help us.

Ascension into higher dimensional consciousness can be done in many ways. Prayer, meditation, reading and practicing good karma are all ways to help ascend to a higher vibrational frequency.

Living our life's purpose is another way to ascend. People often ask, What is my life's purpose? Our life's purpose can be learned by communication with our guides and angels or simply by allowing our life to be guided and then unfold into what we are meant to do and who we're supposed to be. By raising vibrational frequencies to a higher level, it becomes easier to communicate with our higher self, our guides and our angels who are here loving us and helping us to reveal our life's purpose.

For most people here on Earth, it can take up to half their lifetimes to wake up to the fact that they have a mission here to help this Earth. The feeling of something is coming or an idea of a big mission is quite common among people here at this time. People often feel is if they are supposed to be doing more than what they are currently doing; they just don't know what their big mission is.

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