Path of Awakening

You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. ~ Native Proverb

Who are we and why are we here? The path of awakening to all things in life begins with a few simple steps and the understanding that we all have a purpose and need to live our lives in consciousness with that purpose being mindful of our karma and spiritual lessons along the way.

There are important principals of life, which gives ancient wisdom and spiritual practices to provide a holistic approach to personal growth. These principals in life that can bring our body, mind and spirits into a path that will awaken our spirit within.

It is important when walking to or being on the path of awakening, that we are all mindful and conscious of our lives and all living things around us. The following are some principals to help guide us down our path of awakening:

1. Everything in life is related.

2. The Universe is composed of energy.

3. We are beings of both spirit and of human nature.

4. No one soul is superior to another.

5. Belief creates.

6. Trust our intuition.

7. There is a higher purpose.

8. There are no ordinary moments.

9. There are no limits.

10. Action not reaction is important.

11. Positivity rules.

12. Posture, pose and breathing help maintain life.

13. Keep everything in balance.

14. Intent is action.

15. Freedom of choice is free will.

16. Change happens.

17. Take responsibility for our actions.

18. One step at a time.

19. Never sit in judgment.

20. It's all about integrity.

21. Failure isn't an option.

22. Life is an ongoing journey.

23. Change our mind.

24. Emotions come and go.

25. Don't forget to play and laugh.

If we live simply,love generously and care deeply,we will truly find a path to awakening.

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