Manifesting Your Dreams

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. ~Stephen Covey

Manifestation practices can be used to create financial abundance, a good career, a better home or whatever it is needed for a higher purpose to help ourselves or others. Manifesting will not work with issues of greed or creating to benefit one's self, as intentions must be in flow with the Divine Will and plan of uplifting all of mankind. If financial abundance is needed, ask the Universe to create financial security in order to help others or to become stable and free so that helping others can be possible.

There are times in our lives when we have faced hard situations that have left us feeling alone in our experiences, but we are never alone. Our angels and guides are always with us, and our experience of being alone, being left to face hard times is similar to what much of humanity is going through at this time.

Many people feel as though they have been left, that they are alone and there is no one around to help them get through difficult experiences in life. Everyone on this Earth has bravely taken on hard situations in order to grow spiritually with grace, compassion and without becoming bitter or jaded with life and love. By picking our lives before we were born, and just by being who we are, humanity has embodied the collective experiences of every life and all of the wisdom gained from these lives. Our vibration is picked up and felt by people around us, and everyone is affected by these vibrations.

If we hold a specific vibrational frequency, those around us will hold a similar energy, knowledge, awareness and vibration.

Each person can have a powerful effect on all of humanity just by living the life they have chosen, and going through some of the hard times and experiences, while still keeping love and compassion in their hearts.

This is a great gift we all have given to humanity and to each other. Although life has not been easy in a human body here in this third dimensional world, our higher self or spirit knows that through life, we will be able to help other people who also face hard times. As this becomes apparent, we gradually see that the gifts that have come to us as a result of our lives can and will become something beautiful and meaningful.

There are many angels that can help manifest abundance and dreams. One example is the Elohim Angels. These are angels of creation; they create everything in our Universe through light and sound. The Elohim exist in the 9th dimension of consciousness and higher, and have extensions of their energy in many different forms throughout all dimensional levels.

It is the light and memory of the tiny Elohim that remember how every atom, cell and particle of light needs to place itself for everything to flow and grow in accordance with the Divine Plan of things. DNA holds the structured memory and the Elohim angels hold the vision of DNA and charge it with consciousness. This means that for everything in our world, there is a tiny Elohim angel, a consciousness outside of our own, that holds the memory of how that object or being is to be in place.

Elohim angels work with consciousness in this way:

1. When the creator decides to create something, there is first a thought of this new creation.

2. It is after this thought that a vision begins to unfold. This vision is where the creation is envisioned as a whole and complete entity, as though it is already created. Through the vision, every detail of the creation is visualized.

3. After the vision, comes the sacred sound. This is done through tone, music, vibration or word. As the vision of the new creation is held, it is infused with sound. This sound is what gives the creation movement. The sound makes the atoms of thought or manifestation form and begins to vibrate, which then causes these man

4. After the sacred sound comes love. The vision can now be infused with sound and the Elohim angels surround it with love. Love is very important, as love is life and the force through which our souls breathe and nothing can be created in the Universe without infusing it with love in some way.

5. Lastly, gratitude or giving thanks for the vision, as if it has already been created, is the final and most important step of creation. This is the energy of love that brings everything in alignment with Divine Will and into being. Those things that are not fueled with love, that are created out of greed or other emotions, may be created for a short while through sheer will, but they will not last, and will disappear almost as quickly as they came and leave a bad karmic debt with the creator of that manifestation.

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