A Spiritual Evolution

I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day. ~Albert Camus

At every moment in our lives we have a choice that will either lead us closer to our spirit or further away from it. If we can all agree that we pick our lives before we are born and we are all ascending into higher dimensional consciousness, then we can see that ascending is evolving. We have been in a spiritual evolution, just as much as a biological evolution, throughout the span of space and time.

In spirit, evolving or ascending is a change in the inherited traits of our spirit from one generation to the next. These changes are caused by a combination of three processes: awareness, consciousness and ascension. It can be said that our spiritual lessons are passed on with each generation as we reincarnate in soul groups with similar spiritual lessons to be learned here on Earth, and this is the basis of our spiritual evolution.

Awareness is a term referring to the ability to perceive, to feel or to be conscious of events, objects or patterns, which does not necessarily imply understanding.

Spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening is the process by which we begin to explore our own being in order to become whole and reunite with our true spiritual meaning.

As we become more spiritually aware, we realize that we live by the Law of One. That we are all connected. Awareness of whom and what we are opens the way for spiritual evolution and expansion past our current and outdated beliefs.

The greatest gift of living a life in awareness is knowing that our spirit never dies. That we have absolute freedom to experience all that life has to offer in all of its full glory. It is said that it's not the destination in life, but the journey that makes us who we are. The trip itself isn't about knowing, but about experiencing.

These experiences are our only purpose, it is what life is. It is our physical life that is paramount in moving from our present place to a better one, and this is done through awareness. This liberation comes from knowing that what we dwell on we create, and knowing that we are creating and manifesting every circumstance of our physical being.

We are not pawns or victims in our awareness; we are the creators and the created. In this knowledge or awareness, we can find comfort in knowing that the joy of our lives, the joy of living, is nothing more than a buffet of experiences that we can choose from.

As we become spiritually aware, all things in our lives change. The beauty of our spiritual evolution and spiritual experiences is a doorway for unlimited new opportunities and new experiences.

Awareness is about realizing our God and Goddess selves, and creating Heaven on Earth. It is about embracing who we really are and dispelling the thought that we are separate from our Creator or the Divine. Awareness is also about bringing the higher and lower aspects of our being into complete harmony and alignment with our higher self or higher purpose in life.

The ultimate goal in spiritual awareness is to align with a higher source and keep vibrational frequencies at a higher level to help us live out our life's purpose, and find the special gifts and talents that we have to offer.

Living a life in awareness can be done in many ways. Prayer, meditation, reading and practicing good karma are all ways to help raise our vibrational frequency and awareness.

Living our life;s purpose is another way to be aware. People often ask, What is my life's purpose? Our life's purpose can be learned by communication with our guides and angels. By raising vibrational frequencies to a higher level, it becomes easier to communicate with our higher self, our guides and our angels who are here loving us and helping us to reveal our life's purpose.

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