Healing and Evolving through Spirit

At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

It's hard to conceive that we would pick our lives before we were born for our own spiritual evolution and advancement. Why would we want to be a dying child in Africa, a life suffering from AIDS or have a child that dies of cancer? These questions are hard to answer, but the answer is that we pick our lives for spiritual growth and spiritual evolution and we are usually blocked from remembering so we can make this advancement.

Not everyone can feel happy or content, but everyone does feel pain and this is what connects us to humanity. There is an old saying that the wounded healer heals. The more pain and suffering we have in our lives, the more we can connect to humanity, the concept of oneness, and the more we have a chance to heal and to help other's heal through our own pain and suffering. If we have a child that dies of cancer we can certainly connect quickly with other parents in the same situation and even offer help, advice, support and a shoulder to cry on. This pain has connected us to many other people in the same situation and given us an opportunity to help humanity and to grow with our lessons.

Some people grow up living a hard life. Growing up poor is certainly no easy task when we constantly hear our parents screaming about money. Some of us had absentee parents or emotionally and or physically abusive parents. This is tough, but when we live to heal through spirit, we end up thanking our parents for connecting us to humanity. Without pain, most of us don't learn about dimensional consciousness and growing peace from a quiet place within our souls. Saying, I'm sorry or, I forgive you is not easy. There are always spiritual lessons in our lives and almost always, we are unable to move on or move obstacles out of our paths until these lessons are learned.

Sometimes it is hard to forgive our parents, friends or loved ones and move on with our lives. We want to blame them for all the things that are going wrong in our lives but deep down it is important that we all take responsibility for ourselves. It is never too late to pick up the pieces, move on and more importantly, be happy. Being able to forgive is hard to do. It takes incredible strength, spirit and inner love to do so. The act of forgiveness can create great healing within our souls.

There is no real road map or recipe to follow when learning to heal through spirit. What is important is to pull back and look at the bigger picture. Asking, Why am I here, what is my life's purpose and how can I contribute to humanity? is a good place to start. When we pull back and try to grasp what some of our life's lessons may be, it will help us understand why we are in the situation we are in. When we learn our spiritual lessons quickly, we often move on to a better place. Sometimes these lessons mean healing and evolving through our spiritual growth and advancement.

When we look at the Universe as a large tapestry and we are only one thread weaving in and out of other threads, we can see a bigger picture of what is going on in life. If there are no challenges and no strife in life, there wouldn't be much spiritual growth and evolvement, and then what would all this be for?

So many people on Earth feel as though they have been left, that they are alone and there is no one around them to help move through troubled times. Our experiences have shown that this is not true, that we have so bravely taken on hard situations for our spiritual lessons and have done so with grace and compassion. Most people don't have to advertise or tell others of this awareness they have gained. Just by being who they are, they embody the collective experiences of life and all of the wisdoms gained. These vibrational frequencies are picked up and felt by others around us. Eventually our own awareness and vibrations will affect those around us by the principle of like vibrations. That is if we hold a certain energy and knowledge, awareness and vibration, eventually those around us will also begin to embody some of that energy or it will be attracted to us as people with similar energies.

Each person can have a powerful effect on humanity just by living the life that they have chosen and going through the hard times, spiritual lessons and experiences, and by still keeping love and compassion in their hearts. This is what healing and evolving through spirit is about. Finding and acknowledging great gifts contained within ourselves.

Although life isn't always easy in a human body, our higher self or spirit knows that through our lives, we are able to help many people who also face difficult times. We can see that finding the gifts that have come to us as a result of our lives, and by sharing these gifts and realizations with others, our own life's purpose can be revealed.

In the Native American tradition, it is the medicine men and women who have the hardest lives. This is because they love their people so much, their spirits take on some of the troubles of the world so that they can heal them within their own families and lives, to create a path, so to speak, for others to follow.

We fulfill our purpose just by being the radiant souls that we are. There is no way that we cannot be who we are as a soul, and so our purpose is unfolding with every breath that we take. Our spirit is a part of the living web of life here on Earth and each spirit within that web is a part of the whole, unique and divine plan for all of humanity.

When discovering who we are as souls, a new freedom emerges from within our hearts. This freedom is the freedom of the soul, the freedom of love, the freedom to be and live all of the beauty and grace within who we really are. Our angels and guides are always with us, they are always within our touch, sight and hearing offering gentle reminders of who we are and how to find our way in this crazy life on Earth. When healing through Spirit, we should have faith in our choices, have faith in our hearts and in love, for we are always on the right path. We are always loved and never alone.

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