Connecting to Humanity

All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth. ~Chief Seattle, Suqwamish and Duwamish

Not everyone in this world can laugh, but we can all certainly feel pain and we are all connected to each other through this pain. If we think about pain being a large piece of pie, when we divide that pie up evenly among everyone in the world, then nobody has a large burden. That is, we all share a little bit of it equally. It is this pain that helps us spiritually grow and advance, and is specific to our world. Souls that choose to come to Earth are brave souls indeed. When done reincarnating here on this tough playground called Earth, we will be well-equipped to go on to do great things in this and other Universes.

We share an energetic field here on Earth. It links us all together and this is why a shift in consciousness moves through us all, and changes life as we feel it and see it. We were made to be strong with each other, to interlink into divinity through the intertwining of our hearts and souls. When alone, we can find each other. Through each other, we can find ourselves and this helps connect us.

At times, the most painful lives can be the most creative and the most productive ones. Pain makes us more insightful, and brings us closer to our spiritual lessons and closer to each other. Through our pain, we can connect to each other by respecting life. We share our humanity by being tolerant and generous amongst ourselves and each other.

Change is possible within each of us. We can overcome conflicts and hatreds, spanning seemingly timeless generations, and live in peace. We can grow and rise above limitations in stagnant and outdated non-spiritual beliefs and policies that hurt our world as a whole.

There are times when we feel that even if we are surrounded by other people in our lives, we are alone. We can feel that we're going through this difficult journey called life by ourselves, no matter if we're married, have children or close friends. In the end, it is important to remember that we are never alone. Our angels and guides are always with us, helping and guiding us with our Divine lessons on this tough playground called Earth.

By knowing that our angels and guides are with us and by connecting with other human beings, we can overcome feelings of loneliness. When we connect with each other, we are no longer alone. We share our suffering, our experiences and our common trials. The obstacles we face in life are no longer insurmountable when we have someone to face it with whether it's a family member, a friend or a chat group on the web.

By being tolerant, loving unconditionally and caring for others, we can give joy and direction in our lives. If we see others as spiritual beings acting out a play in physical bodies, we can become more aware of our part in our life and the lives of others, while we all advance in our lessons. Being kind and gentle towards others is a good way to lead our lives towards spiritual advancement and reap the effects of good karma. Living life with happiness and forgiveness will help us discover our heart and soul's purpose, and will also help us connect to each other.

If we live our beliefs and philosophy and trust the Universe, we will discover we are all loved and guided in the best possible way. Through this we can move towards our greatest potential, sharing whatever our unique gifts are with humanity.

One practical way of living as a spiritual being is through awareness. By being aware of every situation that arises in life and not reacting emotionally towards these situations, we can better understand the value of our spiritual lessons. When an argument arises, step back and look at everyone concerned. Ask, How would an angel or guide react? An angel or guide would react with gentleness, forgiveness and love. Not with anger, hate or spite. See the higher view and ask, Is this argument really important? Is there another way to deal with this issue? When lashing out in anger, our spiritual lessons and advancement is lost. Often these situations arise over and over because there is a lesson to be learned.

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