Spiritual Lessons in a Spiritual Evolution

We count our miseries carefully and accept our blessings without much thought. ~Mother Theresa

Spiritualism represents our inner soul to ourselves and our spirit guides us as we walk our path here on Earth. We all need spiritual nourishment to guide and direct us throughout our lives, to learn our spiritual lessons and spiritually progress during our time here on Earth.

Being a spiritual person means living by The Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Everyday life allows us to express our self in a positive way to enlighten our path with goodness and to raise our vibrational frequency to higher levels of consciousness.

To implement the teaching of spirituality is to utilize principals where we practice what we preach and live life without judgment. We don't know what someone else's life purpose is or what spiritual lessons have been planned for them. Practicing spiritual understanding and love for others is a good platform on which to stand during a soul's lifetime. Some souls have higher vibrational frequencies due to this level of experience and spiritual evolution, and it allows them an opportunity to give the extra love we all need to sustain ourselves and others during our brief visit here on Earth. Living a life with grace, kindness and love aids us in our spiritual evolution.

Communicating with and seeking out spiritual guidance is a good way to acquire our spiritual lessons, and this understanding will bring about consciousness and awareness needed during this time of ascension and great energy shifts. Now is the time to reach within and try to understand who we are and what we're here for.

Seeking spiritual lessons in a spiritual evolution will lead to a level of understanding that is needed at this time to learn and ascend into higher dimensional consciousness. Souls need to experience spiritual lessons and acquire spiritual awareness in our day-to-day lives.

People sometimes wondered why we are here. Our soul agreed to specific lessons in each life that must be experienced during that life. Some people are not able to learn or achieve their spiritual lessons the first time around, but may come back again to try in another lifetime. If a particular spiritual lesson is not learned, there will be many chances to learn these lessons and the variables can change with each lifetime when specific circumstances or layouts don't work. If we don't pass a grade in school, we have to repeat that grade again, and spiritual lessons are the same way. Whatever lessons we don't learn, will have to be repeated by coming back and trying again. Depending on our guide, planning committee and our own decisions, the experiences for our lessons can be easier or more difficult the next time around.

We are here on Earth studying different subjects as we do in school except it is our soul's spiritual lessons and growth which extends the passing grade. Each lifetime's growth, experiences and karma are extended to the next life as long as we pass, so to speak. Each lifetime, our soul learns more and more until we no longer need to achieve our lessons and can go on to become something a little more advanced, such as a junior guide or guide.

We are all here experiencing spiritual growth, whether we are aware of it or not. If we meditate and place our mind, heart and soul together then our spiritual lessons and spiritual evolution may be acquired more easily. With understanding and guidance from our spirit, wisdom from above will flow through us offering helping guidance to fulfill our life's purpose here on Earth.

Each person is sitting on a spiritual gold mine of their own, and rich experiences can make life much happier and more meaningful with understanding. We note some experiences, but many more are missed. This is why many of life's lessons are lost because of lack of awareness. This is why so many people find themselves going around in circles, not understanding why their lives are they way they are. Look for patterns in life, rise above and look down and watch what is happening from an elevated standpoint. Ask, What would be my lesson here? How can I learn and grow from this situation or this experience? Every single day of our lives there are lessons to be learned. It can even quite simply come from a song on the radio.

Spiritual lessons are usually simple. They are frequently about love and forgiveness. It is important to anchor love in our hearts when learning our spiritual lessons. Watch for patterns and look for the lessons our soul is intended to learn. Once we figure out what they are, we will be able to move on, out of our pattern, to the next lesson. As we all move forward, our lessons will become easier for us.

With each life, our soul may be working on one lesson or twenty lessons. In retrospect, our lessons may seem quite simple but while working on them, it may seem impossible to figure out why specific circumstances or situations are occurring over and over.

If we have spiritual lessons about forgiveness, this topic will reoccur with people we know and love or even complete strangers, until we tackle our lessons. If we find ourselves asking over and over, Why does this keep happening in my life? Consider writing down and analyzing what that is.

By keeping our heart chakras open at all times, our angles and guides will be able to come into our heart and help us conquer these lessons, no matter how easy or difficult they may seem.

Discovering spiritual lessons as they unfold from circumstances in our lives is a skill that grows with awareness and practice. This skill or awareness can be developed through the use of a variety of spiritual exercises, which are simply a wide range of activities that help broaden spiritual awareness. There are different types of spiritual exercises because people have different states of awareness, and the only way to discover if one particular exercise will work is to try it for ourselves. It may not work to our satisfaction the first time, so try practicing it several times. Or we may choose different spiritual exercises that are more in tune with our present state of consciousness.

Think about these things when trying figure out what our lessons are:

Finding the peace within:

What makes us peaceful? What obstacles in life have brought us to peace? Remember, peace starts from within, so it is important to keep this emotion in our heart at all times.

Cultivating compassion:

What are we passionate about in life? What things are we doing when we lose track of time and we're at our happiest? The Dalai Lama says, If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Live consciously:

We are composed of thought, feeling, a physical element and spirit. Create illumination, joy, healing, hope, balance, harmony, courage, strength, love, wisdom and power from within our soul and our spirit.

Remembering our soul's purpose:

Our physical body is a temporary vessel where we choose to house our soul for a short span of time in the realms of material expression. Within our soul is a record of all we have experienced throughout many ages and many lifetimes called the Akashic records. Stay balanced and in harmony during our life, and remember that we are here for spiritual lessons.

Spiritual awareness is the process by which we begin to explore our own being in order to become whole, and reunite our spirits with our physical bodies in a commonality of purpose.

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