Who says the eternal being does not exist? Who says the sun has gone out? Someone who climbs up on the roof and closes his eyes tight, and says, I don't see anything. ~ Jalalu'l-din Rumi

Reincarnation is an anglicized word of Latin derivation meaning reinfleshment, the coming again into a human body of a soul.

Reincarnation comes from the Hindu-Buddhist philosophy of soul transmigration. This is the belief of the birth-death-birth cycle, where a soul moves from one body to another body for many lifetimes. Each new body or life is the direct result of the quality of life the soul led in the previous life. Thus, a good life results in rebirth to a higher quality of life, and a bad life results in rebirth to a lower quality of life. Reincarnation is almost exclusively about previous existences and a soul's spiritual growth.

This quality of lives lead through reincarnation is based on the Law of Karma, a central foundation of Hinduism and other Eastern-based philosophies. Karma teaches that good thoughts, actions and deeds are rewarded and bad thoughts, actions and deeds are punished. The ultimate goal in the Karma cycle is for the soul to progress to the highest level of existence and become one with the Divine.

To accomplish this spiritual progression, each soul lives a series of lives in different physical bodies, coming back over and over again in order to progress through spiritual lessons. This is reincarnation and the process in the path to enlightenment.

All souls can be considered eternal when evaluating past, present and future lives. To advance in our spiritual lessons and awareness, souls reincarnate into a series of physical bodies to experience different existences. It is possible for a soul to be both sexes and all races, have various socio-economic backgrounds and religions throughout many lifetimes.

This continued cycle from one life to another is completed when our education and lessons are done. We will return to Earth to reap the results of all our thoughts, actions and deeds and to gain further knowledge and wisdom as we journey toward spiritual mastery. We are born to achieve this state of complete balance in mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our soul. When all our lessons are completed, we will no longer have to reincarnate in physical form as we will have progressed forward enough to move onto other forms of lessons.

We move forward because spiritual progression isn't a hierarchy but more like a train where our souls are located in various places on this train. The ultimate goal is to advance to the front of the train where we can join with the Divine.

During the pre-planning stages of reincarnation, there is a place that we go to in the spiritual plane where we actually have a selection of what our next body will be. This place looks like a spherical dome with what looks like TV screens from floor to ceiling. In these screens are pictures of future persons in various stages of their lives.

This life selection is similar to the Akashic records, which is a library of each individual soul's journey from the beginning of that soul to the point where the soul becomes one with the Divine.

The bodies and lives available are pre-selected during a life selection process by our soul, guides, angels and a planning committee.

During the pre-selection meeting, a soul is able to enter any one of the screens into a body and experience what is taking place in that life for a few moments. The soul is then able to see, hear and feel that life, which will aid in the decision on life selection. Sometimes we will choose a life that will help another soul with their karmic debt.

For example, a soul may choose to marry someone and die within a few years of that marriage. It is so that the life left behind would feel the loss of someone that they loved deeply for a karmic debt from a life before. That soul may also have several choices in which they could die. It may be of a disease,drowning or car crash. The choice will be made wisely for the spiritual growth of all involved.

A soul's passing is not necessarily set in stone. If we chose to die in a car crash, there may be a chance that we wouldn't be in a car in a certain place at a certain time, but would feel the impulse to do so as we picked this exit before our feet hit this Earth. Our higher self, angels and guides are always working behind the scenes and our life's objectives may change while we are actually living our lives. Then the life could be altered to fit the new goals and objectives.

Reincarnating souls can study the past before returning to physical form while on the spiritual plane as we are able to visit the Akashic records. The Akashic records are libraries containing the records of souls and are spiritual learning centers where we can view the what ifs and should haves of our past lives. Spiritual advancement can still be made after we cross over, just not as quickly as living a life here on Earth or some other Universe. Just as we can learn things by reading books, if we are actually the characters in the book and not the by-standards, we would learn better lessons.

Whatever we feel we have done right or wrong in our life. Whatever we believe to be true or not in our life. Whatever wrongs that we feel have undeservingly come to us, there is only one truth. That truth is that we come back over and over to pay karmic debt, learn our spiritual lessons and to reach a point of advancement where we become one with the Divine and we will keep reincarnating as long as we need to until we reach these goals.

It is the trials and tribulations we experience in our lives that make us grow spiritually and make us advance into more loving beings. It isn't the actual belief in reincarnation that is the proof that it actually exists, but the abilities that we have that can confirm our past lives that is the actual proof.

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