Spiritual Dev and the Heart and Soul Connection

Every thought, action, decision or feeling creates an eddy in the interlocking, interbalancing, ever-moving energy fields of life, leaving a permanent record for all time. This realization can be intimidating when it first dawns on us, but it becomes a springboard for rapid evolution. ~David Hawkins

We often ask why we are here on this planet and what the reason is for all our experiences, both good and bad. We do have a purpose that we agreed to before we were born. All experiences, both good and bad, were all agreed to before our feet hit this Earth.

It is incredibly tough to imagine that we agreed to be raped, have our children die of cancer, to spend our lives crippled or endure the other horrific events that happen in our lives.

Why in the world would we agree to things so horrible? What possible good could come of such pain? These questions are hard to answer, but the answer is that we experience these situations for our spiritual growth and development, for others spiritual growth and development and even to play out our soul's karma.

Not everyone in the world experiences emotions like joy, laughter, gratitude and other happy emotions. But everyone does experience pain. Pain is what ties us all together and connects us to humanity. We are all one and when someone is suffering in Asia, Africa or America, we are all suffering. There is something very important to remember here. There is no such thing as death. Whatever situation we came to learn and grow from, it is important for our soul's development.

We will come back over and over until we learn the lessons our soul is supposed to learn. Some of these lessons are quite simple, like learning not to be envious or how to give. Other lessons seem simple, but they're not. It could take a soul fifty lifetimes to learn one lesson if they are not aware of why they are here and do not recognize these lessons.

It is important not to waste a life by not knowing what our life's purpose is or how we can contribute to humanity. We must find these things out early so we can all work on the things were supposed to work on.

People can often find themselves in difficult situations. They may be going through a divorce, hate their boss, have a child with a terminal disease or be struggling financially. There are lessons for our souls in all of these situations. We create our own realities so if we don't like the situation we're in, we can try to learn the spiritual lesson, raise our vibrational frequency and get our self out of that situation. Karma may be playing a role in some of these situations but as explained before, we can do things to help offset our karma.

Many handicapped people think if it were not for a genetic mistake or being a victim of an accidental injury that damaged their bodies, their lives would be more fulfilled. As souls, we choose our bodies for a reason. Living in a body that demands extra care and attention does not necessarily have to involve karmic debt we are paying off because of past life responsibility for an injury to someone else. When a soul is inside a damaged body, this choice can involve a learning path to another type of lesson.

It is difficult to tell a newly-injured person trying to cope with a physical disablement that they have a chance to spiritually advance more quickly than others that have healthy bodies and minds. This knowledge must come through self discovery.

Many members of our culture discriminate against people that are less than perfect, which makes their burden heavier. Overcoming the obstacles of physical ailments and hurt makes our souls stronger for the ordeal. This makes our bodies an important part of the trial we set for ourselves in each life that we live.

From lifetime to lifetime, a soul may choose one life where they are a strong man and another life where they are a crippled woman. A strong man may have lessons about experiencing all of the body senses to the fullest and nothing more. A soul may choose a crippled woman to gain intellectual concentration. A broken body may make a soul read and study more, making the mind an important tool in life.

A soul can search for self-expression by developing various aspects of their character. If a soul chooses one extreme, down the line this will be counterbalanced by an opposite choice to even out the experience. For example, we may choose one life with great wealth and another life may be spent in complete poverty. By surviving all these challenges, our soul is strengthened and great spiritual lessons are learned, and advancement in our spiritual evolution can take place.

There is a true connection between our heart and our soul. Every situation that we are in that affects us, affects both our heart and our spiritual growth.

If we consider ourselves angels on Earth, we decided before we came into this lifetime to embody certain energies and situations that humanity is struggling with at this time so we can help people by transmuting or shifting these experiences. We do this by first experiencing them ourselves and then by moving through them while still keeping our hearts open, trusting and full of love and compassion.

In the Native American tradition, it is the medicine men and women who have the hardest lives. This is because they love their people so much, that their spirits take on some of the troubles of the world so that they can heal them within their own families and lives, to create a path, so to speak, for others to follow.

It is truly the healers of the world who choose the most difficult of paths, and this is their gift to humanity. We are all healers of the world, even though this may seem really far-fetched. We may ask, How am I supposed to be a healer when my own life is so messed up? Some souls take on a lot in their own life, in order to spiritually share the burden that humanity carries.

The connection between our heart and soul lies in the fact that we pick our lives before we are born. Things we feel in our heart come from the soul's lessons that are learned here on Earth, as well as past karmic experiences. In most cases, we are not able to remember previous lives or lessons, but can stay aware of current life issues and lessons.

Today, our higher Self remembers our past triumphs and transgressions in a selective way, whispering to us across time and space. Our personal guides and angels endeavor to give us the best from both worlds to help us grow.

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